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Directions from West Knoxville (I-40 Eastbound)

The directions below will avoid places where construction is presently underway. Click here or on the map below if you prefer to have the directions straight out of Google Maps.

1. Proceed on Interstate 40 eastbound to Exit 388A (point A on the map below). The exit sign reads "James White Parkway"

2. Take the exit onto James White Parkway and move into the left lane.

3. The road splits with James White Parkway going to the left and Neyland Drive going to the right. Continue left on James White Parkway.

4. You will cross the river on a large bridge. As you approach the bridge, move to the right lane.

5. As soon as you have crossed the river, there is an exit for "Sevier Ave" and "Hillwood Ave". Take the ramp to exit James White Parkway.

6. The exit ramp forks left and right. Take the left fork so you can make a left turn.

7. Turn left onto Anita Drive and continue for half a mile (0.5 miles) until the road comes to an end at a stop sign on Island Home Avenue. Turn right onto Island Home Avenue.

8. After a short distance, the road curves to the left, but it looks like a left turn. The road straight ahead is South Haven Road SE. Continue on Island Home Avenue by going left.

9. After a short distance, the road splits with Island Home Avenue going left and Aultman Road going right. Continue on Island Home Avenue by going left across the railroad tracks.

10. As you drive along Island Home Avenue, you will start going uphill and there will be a large church on the left side of the road. When you come down the hill on the other side, you will be getting close to Ijams Nature Center.

11. At the bottom of the hill, you will see this sign that marks the entrance to Ijams Nature Center. Slow down and prepare to turn into the parking lot.

12. You have arrived at Ijams Nature Center (point B on the map below).

Here is a map showing the route described above. Click on the map if you want Google directions.

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